A very unique system


Being the first ever meth sampling system allowed us to really drill down into what meth sampling companies need for working onsite and customer management automation.

So how does it work?

Imagine this scenario:
Claire is looking to rent her house and engages Meth Testing Company to test her property. She made her booking via a phone call with the admin staff member (Raewyn).

Raewyn then loads all the details into Meth Manager and selects the technician in the area. The technician (Geoff) is automatically notified he has a new job in his app. Within the app are all the details Raewyn has added, including Claire’s contact details. Geoff contacts Claire and confirms a date and time for the test, an automated confirmation email is then sent to Claire.

Meth Manager is updated and Raewyn can see Geoff has booked in the job as requested.

Geoff arrives on site and starts his sampling, he uses Meth Manager to complete reporting in line with NZS8510. Once Geoff completes the test he puts the samples in a courier bag and scans the barcode into Meth Manager. When Geoff drops the samples at the courier, the laboratory is sent an automated Analysis Request Form.

Raewyn reviews Geoff’s sampling and confirms it is in line with Meth Testing Company’s standards and then an invoice is automatically sent to Claire.

Once the samples arrive at the laboratory Meth Manager is updated to advise of their arrival. The samples are analysed and Meth Manager is automatically updated with the results.

Meth Manager reads the laboratory result and creates the report for Claire based on the analysis results (sadly for Claire her house shows contamination exceeding the recommended levels).

As Claire has not yet paid her invoice she is advised automatically that her report is ready but it cannot be sent until payment is received. Upon receipt of this email Claire pays the invoice, Meth Manager automatically reconciles the payment to Claire’s account and the report is released.

Unfortunately as Claire’s house is contaminated Meth Manager creates and sends Claire a quotation for further detailed testing based on the details provided within the initial test.
Claire confirms the detailed testing can go ahead by clicking the link provided, Meth Manager then creates the new job for Raewyn to re-assign to Geoff. The process starts again.

Key features:
- Payment can be required before report is released
- Online booking form requires payment at time of booking and instantly creates a new job within Meth Manager
- Technician can juggle jobs using Meth Manager’s scheduler function
- Admin staff can see when jobs are booked in
- Technicians can see previous sampling data/sampling plans
- Reports are automatically created
- Direct laboratory API with automated result analysis